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I wonder how much of a risk exists. I am sure it is possible to steal a truck camper, but it is hardly a snatch and go as it is with a travel trailer or fiver. You have to have a truck to haul it and a way to keep it in the truck. Then you have to raise it so you need the crank or drill that fits the jacks and that is not a rapid process. And while you doing that you have to be on the look out for the owner’s return and they are likely armed given it is in the boondocks. Then you have to get it on the truck which varies with experience.

My thought would be lower it, lock the door, and hide the genny or small things that might “walk away on the their own”. I don’t think there is a way to stop a determined thief and the casual criminal would be disinclined by the amount of work involved I think. 🙂

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