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Hi all – a related question:

If a city has a maximum curb weight (as defined in the city’s MOTOR VEHICLE REGULATIONS IN RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS) of 8,000 lbs wet

How will I stand with a current Ford F350, biggest longest version, with an approx 2,500 lb (wet) Pop Up camper – always on board. Daily driver.

In other words – how would my rig relate to an 8,000 curb weight, the limit for residential vehicles in tat city?

Also in other words – would the (always mounted, daily driver) pop up camper’s weight count towards my curb weight? (in the eyes of the city)

the exact wording in bylaw is :

Any motor vehicle having a curb weight of eight thousand (8,000) pounds or greater. For the purposes of this Section, “curb weight” is defined as the weight of a motor vehicle with standard equipment, fuel, oil, and coolant;

thanks! 🙂