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Tom MacCallum

We bought a slightly used ’15 F-350 4×4 XLT CCLB 6.7. Since yours a gas engine, Jeff and Advaark are prolly correct in saying to avoid the snow plow option. With the diesel engine, I had the 6000 lb. springs installed and feel they should be standard on diesel engine F-350. I don’t feel it rides any harsher than the 5600 lb. springs that were on it. With the camper on, at the CAT scale we had 5100 lbs on the front axle. We’re adding a after market bumper and winch, so that was the reason I went to the higher capacity springs.

I would definitely get the Upfitter switches. I installed them myself and they’re a pita to install the wiring harness, but relatively easy to hook up lights and things near the driver’s side firewall if you have smaller hands. The ’20 trucks may be easier to get to the wires in the engine bay.

We have the 3.31 rear with the electronic locking diff. Even at max GVW, it seems to pull find and climb hills w/o a problem. Do the gas engine trucks get the 10-speed tranny? I’d love to drive one just to see how it handles. The 4.30 is too low IMO unless you’re going to a much larger tire. Like a 37″ or something. Just plan on some decent tires down the road. We just bought Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Haven’t mounted them yet, but the Toyo Open Country AT II were pretty disappointing this winter.

I’m with Jeff on the plastic step boards. They help protect body from rocks. 48 gallon tank on the new trucks. Nice!

I wish we had the camper package. I installed a Helwig sway bar. Huge difference. I also installed Airlift air bags.

As far as the FX4 package, on Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum, IIRC the conclusion of folks that had the package was that the Rancho shocks wore out very quickly. Might want to save that money for some good after market shocks. We put 5100 Bilstiens on ours.

Anyway….enjoy the new truck