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John Perz

And the Tools List:


1: Service Manual
2: A jack that can lift your FULLY LOADED vehicle for tire changes.
3: Two flashlights, large and small. Optional 12 volt trouble light with long wires that hooks to car battery.
4: Work gloves to protect hands.
5: Pair of clear safety glasses to protect eyes.
6: 8 to 12 ounce ball peen hammer.
7: Short handled 3 pound sledge hammer for heavy “persuasion”
8: Combination wrenches ¼ to 1 inch (or 8 to 24 mm)
9: Tubing wrenches – some vehicles like Fords need a special tool for fuel line fittings.
10: 3/8 inch drive socket set – 6 point, inch or metric sizes as listed for combination wrenches. Can supplement with ½ drive larger size sockets and ½ inch breaker bar.
a: Spark Plug socket
b: 3, 6 and 12 inch extensions
c: Swivel
d: ½ and 3/8 adapters
(Note: 6 point sockets are less likely to round off nuts and bolt heads than 12 point sockets. But some vehicles have 12 point heads and if so, you may need a few 12 point sockets too.)
11: Screwdrivers, regular & Phillips, various lengths.
12: Inch and/or metric Allen wrenches – if needed.
13: Torx bit set – if needed.
14: Wire cutters and wire stripper/crimper.
15: Combination and needle nose pliers.
16: Large Channel Lock pliers.
17: Locking pliers (Vise Grips), large and small sizes.
18: Large adjustable wrench, 12 inch or bigger.
19: Small, medium, and large punches, center punch, and cold chisel.
20: Hacksaw and extra blades
21: Small crowbar or pry bar.
22: Files, large flat and small round, half round, and triangular.
23: Siphon hose and funnel (suitable for ATF fill).
24: Jumper Cables.
25: Tire pressure gauge.
26: Valve core removing tool.
27: Utility knife & extra blades.
28: Electric drill (rechargeable, kept charged) and assortment of drill bits.
29: One large and two small C clamps.
30: Torque wrench (optional).
31: Digital Multimeter.
32: OBD code reader – if needed.
33: Spark plug tester.
34: Small grease gun.
Special tools such as spindle nut wrench for your 4X4 axle, tie rod tool, etc.

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