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John Perz

I stole and modified a list from a book on 4×4 off-roading. You probably don’t need all of this, but it will give you things to think about.


1: Inflated, full size spare tire.
2: Duct tape
3: Spare fuses, at least two of every size in your vehicle
4: At least one gallon of water above and beyond your drinking water
5: Assorted zip ties, tiny to huge.
6: Water pump, power steering, and alternator belts.
7: Radiator stop-leak, heavy duty.
8: Silicone emergency tape for patching radiator and heater hoses.
9: Can of GOOD penetrating oil. (PB Blaster!)
10: Can of CRC 5-56 for drying wires.
11: AT LEAST one quart of motor oil, one quart of ATF fluid, one pint of brake fluid, one pint of power steering fluid, one gallon of anti-freeze.
12: 15 to 20 feet of ten gauge wire. A few shorter lengths of smaller wire.
Small assortment of crimp on connectors.
13: Roll of baling wire. (Sometimes sold in auto part stores as “Mechanics Wire”.)
14: Roll of GOOD electrical tape. (3M)
15: Roll of plumber’s Teflon tape.
16: Tube of hi-temp silicone sealer (gasket maker). IMPORTANT! REPLACE ANNUALLY! GOES BAD EVEN IF NOT OPENED.
17: Loctite thread restorer.
18: Small can of wheel bearing grease.
19: Extra tire valve cores, caps, and at least one new valve stem.
20: Quick-set epoxy (JB Weld).
21: Fuel tank repair kit.
22: Tire plugging kit.
23: A few feet of fuel line – sized to your vehicle, and a spare fuel filter.
24: Small can of misc. hardware – assorted nuts, bolts, screws, washers, hose clamps, cotter keys, etc.

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