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Don Chase

I’m a pretty extensive trip planner. For years I did a lot of travel adventures – both on and off road. We’re slowly transitioning from motorcycle adventures to truck camper adventures. But, we’ll put the motorcycles in a cargo trailer and use the TC as a base camp for adventures. For all these adventures I did a lot of trip planning.

For mapping I use the software Basecamp which is made by Garmin for Apple and Windows PCs. You can download the routes you create to your GPS. Basecamp is pretty good with attractions, food & drink, fuel and accommodations. It does have a learning curve, but once you learn it there is no other routing software that can match it – my opinion.

There are other apps I carry with me on my cell phone. These are: AllTrails – Roads, scenic drives (on & off road), and hiking trails. AllStays – campgrounds – state, federal, private, parks – state, federal, city & county, but it also lists travel services (fuel, truck stops, pump-outs, repair facilities, etc.) as well as road issues – narrow, grades, etc. Google Maps – works with my RAM Truck GPS. GasBuddy. As well as various state’s 511 apps for current road conditions. Avenza PDF Maps for viewing topographic maps.

I also carry a Garmin InReach which is a Satellite Receiver with emergency messaging. It too has topo maps and a lot of other features. This device works where there is no cell service. Unfortunately it requires a subscription. But it works great. Your family/friends can track your travels (if you choose) on a map anywhere on the earth. Every 10 minutes a location is sent. Whenever I travel off-road I use this.

All of these things keep me up-to-date with my travels. I never get lost and am always aware of conditions – campsites, water, roads, etc. – prior to arriving or leaving home. It works for me. Some of my friends think I’m too digital.

Hope this helps.