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Not that this answers your question, but I have a Lance 825 also. Here is what I did instead. I am running dual batteries in my truck. I have them on a toggle controlled relay from painless wiring. So now I have dual batteries for my truck and my camper. I can flip the switch, and run off of the truck battery, and also charge both batteries when I drive. To be perfectly honest I am wiring it up now, so I can’t speak for how awesome it is yet, but I wanted to maybe give you some outside of the box thinking.

To answer your question, you might be able to fit two odysseys in there if you don’t want to dual battery your truck.

Also lastly, if by chance you have an torklift extension lift as I do, I noticed that torklift has a shelf you can buy that bolts on the hitch extension that you can haul batteries on.

I hope this helps.