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John Perz

My understanding is that with regular lead acid batteries, you usually need a mult-battery bank to run a microwave. With only one or two batteries, a microwave pulls so many amps that the battery voltage drops to the point that the low-voltage cutoff on the inverter shuts it down before cooking is complete.

So if you want a small microwave, you need to find out how many amps it will pull at 120 volts, then multiply that by 10 to see how many amps it will need at 12 volts.

For example, a microwave that uses 8 amps when plugged into the wall will need 80 amps from a 12 volt system for the same power.

Then you need to research whether your lithium batteries can supply that many amps and if so, what kind of voltage it can maintain while doing so. The manual for your Xantex Inverter will tell you what the low voltage cut-off is on that particular unit.

Maybe the Lithiums will work fine for that particular application, I really don’t know. Of course, if you only run the microwave while the sun is shining, it’s possible the solar panels will add enough power for it to work.

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