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Surely a throwing gasoline on a fire topic all over the Internet.

Couple of additional thoughts.

Weight ratings are not limited to just tires, wheels, and axles, but to any component on the truck, brakes, etc. And no matter what you do, the door sticker stays the same.

However, I have spent literally hours trying to track down examples where someone was ticketed or charged based on the manufacturer’s ratings. Read state regs, looked up accident data, etc. When folks posted somewhere about traffic stops I tried to follow up. Never could come up with a solid find.

Which leads me to the phrase “Legally Enforceable” i.e. enforced because there is a legal standard or law the can be applied. So are there states the had a law on their books that uses the door sticker or manufacturer’s ratings for non-commercial haulers? That is a challenge I have tossed out any number of times on the Internet and I toss it out here again. So far in digging through state regs, I did find it specifically referenced in Montana law. And it took a lot of digging, but it was there. Maybe there are others, I am not sure. However, even if there are, enforcement seems largely absent unless you are involved in an accident.

To follow-up on that I polled local LEOs (law enforcement officers) with whom I came in contact. To a person, they advised me they have never considered weight at the site of an accident. Had no idea as to manufacturers’ ratings, etc. So if you run overweight and can’t stop the ticket does not list a weight violation. More like excessive speed or similar perhaps. Ditto loss of control and so forth.

Which leads me to civil liability and here it is a slam dunk for the person you hit, etc. Because in order to defend yourself in court, if you run overweight you will have to take the position you know more than the truck and camper manufacturer because they have told you in black and white not to do it. Good luck on that! 🙂

So when I used to speak at RV shows and conferences and discussed weight and accidents I advised everyone to take pictures and get all the information you can about the equipment that was involved. If you are running overweight the odds shift in the other team’s favor.

So for me personally, not trying to tell anyone else what to do, I have my CAT slips for my truck, camper, and fifth wheel in my center console and I never run over any manufacturers ratings. Probably means I am a wuss, but you never know. 🙂


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