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Mello Mike

Joe Monstermaker,
Just noticed this from your post…

“This site’s own Mello Mike wrote an article about setting a proper example and trading in his older dually for a newer single rear wheel truck because it supposedly has more safe capacity and he would be “within his numbers” when in fact the opposite is true.
His old Dodge had a Dana 80 rear axle rated by Dana at 11,000 pounds and he had way more tire capacity. No stock SRW is more capable if you look at the actual hardware not artificial numbers on a sticker. He had 10,800 pounds of tire capacity on the rear of his dually, and an axle that could take it.
There’s no way his new SRW has the hardware to actually have more capacity than the old dually did. But, it’s got a bigger STICKER on the glovebox door…”

I don’t know where you got the idea that I had an old Dodge dually. The truck I traded in was NOT an old Dodge dually, it was a 2011 Ford F-250 SRW. I traded this in for a Ram 3500 SRW with 800 pounds more payload.

Just wanted to set the record straight.