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John Perz

From the Escapees SmartWeigh program:

Click to access 182-smartweighpamphlet-web-0415.pdf

“Most of the weight limits on your RV are legally enforceable. Even if RVs do not (currently) have to go through the highway weight scales, law enforcement agencies could choose at any time to enforce the limits. Consider also that any overweight conditions in your RV could result in a negative verdict in the event of an accident in which you are involved. Even if you did not cause the incident or were not cited for being overweight, it still may be viewed as a contributing factor in any lawsuit resulting from the incident.”

“Note that while it may be possible to beef up or bolster the suspension and tires on your RV to carry a greater load, those changes will not change the legally enforceable weight limits on your vehicle. Only the vehicle manufacturer can change the dataplates, which dictate those legally enforceable limitations.”

Notice the fact that the phrase Legally Enforceable is used three times in this pdf.

Personally, I’m going to believe an organization like Escapees instead of some guy on the Internet that I don’t know from Adam.

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