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Carrie Miller

Welcome to the board Carrie. Sounds like your question has been addressed by Mike and Chris so I will move onto your battery reference. Provide the board with what your needs are regarding those 6 volts and I will explain what I have discovered. There is a lot to know about battery’s if your interested.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Not sure what those wires look like but everything appears to be connected, big red wires seem to come from the back of that box all the way over to the battery area. I do have 2 black/white wires that are not connected dropping down from the roof over the sink top cabinet area. these are not the EZ charge connectors.
I feel like i will have to take this to someone that knows this stuff to get the thing fixed. Contemplating rooftop flex panel solar mount vs suitcase set up is why i am looking at all of this.