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I’m late to the game here, but my 1500 has the same issue. Its the top limit switch on the jack. My jack was installed with the top, where its mounted to the roof, in a bind, so it rides on the top limit in the full down position. It clears the limit once its up 6 inches or so, then it will take off on its own. The fix is to unbolt the top mount in the full closed position, and re mount it in a “neutral” position, not in a bind like mine came from the factory. In my case, I had to fill the screw holes, I used epoxy, and re-install the top mount. The quick fix, was to push forward on the extending part of that jack while raising the roof, to take the load off the top limit switch. This is one of the many annoying features Iv’e found, and fixed with the 1500…