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I just built this camper last summer, and am still getting things dialed in. Health issues have eaten up my vacation time, so I have to get by with a weekend day here and there for a while. Hoping to make it out west again soon, but may have to wait until 2020.

The truck is a Silverado Z71 grafted into a solid axled ’86 Nissan Hardbody body and frame.
Here’s a link to show more: https://youtu.be/qMBjsedcDns

The camper is a steel tube framed, aluminum and foam hard side home built.
Here’s a link for that as well. https://youtu.be/BDQwH7zC1PI

I just finished up a tag axle to improve handling. Yes, you guessed it. I have a link for that, too. LOL https://youtu.be/8bMBwTvx_Cs