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Tom MacCallum

Wow! A 90 day river trip! In Alaska. Impressive. And in a Klepper no less. I feel like such a whimp thinking our little 12 day trip was such a wilderness experience. 🙂 (It was though) I was surprised at how many other groups we saw on the Tat-Alsek. Three commercial trips and another private trip on our next to last day.
Yeah, the Colorado R. thru the Grand Canyon is not even close to a wilderness experience anymore. It’s glamping. Commercial power raft trips passing you every day. Private and commercial oar trip competing for camp spots. It’s still a cool place. The hikes are always fun. There was one time a few years ago when we hadn’t seen anyone for about 2-1/2 days and we were wonder what had happened. Alien invasion beamed everyone up but us? The Rapture happen? We’ve never run out of beer though. Even on our last 23 day trip.
Thanks for all of the suggestions for Alaska. I read about the McCarthy Road on another forum today. Our timing is a little up in the air. We plan to get our house on the market no later than early June. We’re going to try for May if we can swing the remodel faster. Our neighborhood is super hot right now. If it priced right and isn’t a gambrel roof most houses around here have a contract in one to two weeks. Fingers crossed they don’t hike the rates too much between now and then. As soon as it’s sold, we’re heading north.
Thanks again for all of your help