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Tom MacCallum

I saw you lived there that long. It’s a beautiful place. We did the Tatshenshini-Alsek Rivers. It’s close to Haines…sort of. We rented all of the rafts and gear from a Haines outfitter. We did that because his gear breaks down enough to go in an Otter. He dropped us off at a put-in on the Tat in YT. From there we floated thru BC and then into AK where the Tat confluences with the Alsek. We took out at Dry Bay, near the coast and flew back to Haines. Some folks flew to Yakutat. Due to weather(really bad and low ceilings), we flew back up the river and it was just awesome see what we had come down. We had some amazing weather. At Alsek Lake where two glaciers flow into the lake we had a couple of blue bird days to oar out near the icebergs. Some as big as a small cruise ship. We had an experienced crew. 5 of the 8 of us had about 30+ 20+ day trips down the Grand Canyon between us. The Tat-Alsek was a truly wilderness experience. Although my wife and I saw some grizzlys on our travels, we only saw one from a distance while on the river. Other folks saw a couple, but the bears ran off as soon as they noticed them. There’s not much bear/human interaction in that region.
Our plan (and the reason we’re modding this camper) is to cash out of our house here in the Park City, UT area and go back up to AK around June/July for an extended trip. Then we’ll look for the next spot to land. Possibly MT , but who knows.
Sorry to be so long winded there.
Thanks gain for your great help.