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Tom MacCallum

Thanks again for the detailed reply. Had some log-on issue and couldn’t reply sooner.

Great article on the Victron BM and controller. I have the battery monitor, but I was really dumb and didn’t get the wireless dogle with it. I’ll rectify that. The display on the monitor is practically worthless.

Since I have to change out the controller because I’m adding a 3rd 100w panel, I was thinking of using the Victron 100/30 after reading the article. Since the 100/30 doesn’t have a display, I could mount it closer to the batteries and reduce the wire run from the panels by a couple of feet and reduce the wire run from the controller to the batteries more than that. Possibly 3′ to 4′ The Renogy 20a controller has a display, so I mounted it on a wall sort of close to the batteries. Hence the 8-9′ wire run. FWIW, The Renogy Controllers can only connect using a maximum 8ga wire. My only hesitation on using the Victron controller is that it has a built in temp sensor. It would be on the warm inside of the camper right beside the battery compartment. Actually about a foot or so from the furnace. The Renogy has a remote temp sensor that is in the battery compartment. I need to go back and read the article later today to read how you dealt with that. I’ve got time to figure all of this out. The bummer is that the camper is in our storage unit about 20 minutes away. Not exactly convenient to go running down there to fiddle with it unfortunately.

Thanks again for the help.