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John Perz

thanks Mike and John. I have taken a volt meter and measured the voltage at the converter on the battery side and it measured 12.5 volts. I then measured the voltage on the converter and it measured 14.44 volts. If there is power on the battery side of the DC circuit board would this mean there is no cutoff switch or solenoid between the converter and the battery.

Just the opposite. If you’ve got 14.44 volts dc coming OUT of the converter, that proves that you are getting 120 volt ac TO the converter AND the converter itself is working. If you are only seeing 12.5 volts dc at the battery (the battery’s current state of charge) that proves that the output of the converter is, in fact, NOT getting to the battery. Could be a cut-off switch, could be a fuse, could even be a broken wire or loose connection. Might not even be a problem with the hot wire, if the converter and battery are not both grounded to the same ground, you’d see the same thing. Time to start tracing wires.

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