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Our experience with the ARB fridge/freezer over several years prompted me to put a compressor fridge in our new Eureka when we first got it. It’s rated input power is 80W with a current draw of 1 Amp. It’s a small 3.2 cf Edge Star model with a nice large, separate freezer. Once turned on, it comes down to temperature (freezer – 0* / fridge – 35*) in less than an hour. (try that with an evaporator fridge). Once down to temperature, the compressor runs for about 5 minutes max every hour if you don’t open the doors too many times or leave them open. It runs off my 1500W inverter connected to a 100 AH AGM battery which charges from the truck while driving. Bottom line is that my food stays cold and the battery never notices. It’s always fully charged when we stop. Also, compressor fridges are not overly sensitive to altitude or lean angles like evaporator fridges are. Oh yeh, did I mention the fact that our Edge Star was $230 compared to the $1,200 Dometic in our Adventurer.

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