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We purchased a Travel Lite 770R based on the advertised “dry weight” of 1,385 lbs. We had a Ram 1500, 2WD with the 3.6L V-6 engine so payload was better than most at 1600 lbs. I figured that if we loaded to a minimum and added air springs, we would have a manageable rig right at our maximum limits. On the way home from the dealership I stopped at a Cat scale and weighed the camper just as it came from the dealer. It turned out to be more than 600 lbs heavier than advertised. I called the dealer who in turn called the manufacturer who defended their claim saying that was the weight of the “base unit” without any options. The only options on this camper were an 8,500 BTU A/C unit and the stereo …. hardly 600 lbs worth. The end result was an empty rig that was over 400 lbs heavier than the GVWR and rear axle rating. Needless to say, we returned it to the dealer and got our money back. Thankfully the dealer cooperated fully. Our only other downside was the expense and time covering 760 miles round trip two times. We later bought a Travel Lite Razyr based on advertised weight of 895 lbs which was also weighed on the way home coming back from the dealer and proved to actually weigh 1,395 lbs. We decided to keep it since our truck wasn’t overloaded with it but ended up trading it in (at a loss) before ever using it due to design flaws and other issues. There are a couple manufacturers who actually do weight their units as they go out the door for shipping. Our Adventurer 80RB had a sticker on the outside showing the “dry weight” and then another sticker inside one of the cabinets showing the actual shipping weight. Again I stopped at the Cat scale on the way home and found the cabinet sticker weight to be spot on 🙂

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