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Been having fun doing all this research.

So a couple things I am wondering about….

-—> Is the GVWR only a sticker – that relates to a statement for commercial trucking that it’ll never carry more? and nothing else is different about the truck? I have conflicting info from a variety of places. Can anyone clarify as to why Ford would put different GVWR stickers on the exact same truck?

-—> I have yet to order truck, or order the ATC/FWC, so if I go ATC I can get the camper to be whatever length I want. I could have it hang a bit over the bumper, or I could get it so I could close the tailgate.

 If I am able to close the tailgate with the F-350 with the ATC pop up camper on it…. if I close the tailgate and lock it… it is an extra layer of security? (when I am not in the camper) although if they want in, they could just break a window….

If we were in the camper, could I get locked in the pop up camper if someone raised the tailgate while we were inside? Yes I know there would be an emergency exit window but still… :-/
With the tail gate off is it easier to enter and exit the camper?

-—> Should I bother to get the $150 Ford rubber floor? for the truck bed.
Could they slide in the ACT or FWC with the rubber floor in place?

-—> Many people recommend that I get the 4.30 gears.

I dont plan on towing (I hate towing) and no super serious off roading i dont think. (but yes FSR and desert washes and rough roads.

Will likely get gasser F350 4×4. SRW for sure. (better for rocks, i am told)

Yes will get Electronic Locking Rear Axle for sure.

Will likely get the biggest tires available from Ford…. 18” wheels… to avoid spending $$$ on new rims and new tires from the start.

-—> What is the advantage of the 4.30 gears (or 4.10) when always hauling an 8’ ATC or FWC pop up camper?

I dont understand how the different ratios changes how it would behave with different ratios…

-—> What are the advantages of getting slightly taller tires? I can see why *wider* would be good for off road, but taller?

-—> Someone suggested that I skip the FX4 package as the shocks are lousy for my situation, but to get Fox 2.0 shocks instead. If I bought the shocks for about $700 for a set, approx how much would it cost me to have someone install them for me? (well above my skill set)

-—> What skid plates would be best to install? cost? Again – not heavy off roading.

-—> Is anyone driving a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500?

I know the Ford has more advanced bells and whistles, and the Chevy is an older design, but many people like it’s “strong acceleration, good towing manners, top fuel economy and overall livability.” and the Chevy may be a little better value than the F 350.