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bill delorey

Well, to clarify – not really a continuous vibration, rather individual vibrations when the truck hits something – rock, dip, small pothole etc. Doesn’t quite “bottom out”, but more of a jolt, but tolerable. I’m hoping shocks will help that, along with the new tires, altho the tires now have 24K miles on them and still ride fine with good tread…

I did have more of a vibration for awhile at first. Tried to figure it out, dealer said NO to tires. Three dealers later, finally, dealer replaced all four tires under warranty, which fixed that vibration. Gave me credit and I upgraded to BFG 285’s and a much better ride.

I’ll probably go with Bilstein, and maybe eventually an anti-sway. I might go back to Timbrens too, which I installed in last truck – 2003 GMC- and kept those, but won’t fit on the 2015.
Kept the anti-sway bar too, but it won’t fit either.