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you have asked a very suggestive question…as you have found out, ask 10 people and get 10 different answers…lol
you are right about the ride thing, these are HD trucks meant to haul, so no matter what you choose, you are still dealing with a stiffer, stronger leaf pack that won’t flex as well as say a 1500.
whatever you choose, i would go with a nitrogen shock, fairly decent ride empty, but enough wheeties to take a good load and not pogo the truck.
as you have prob heard bilstiens mentioned before, they are IMHO one of the better shocks out there.
if money is not a consideration, i myself would go with some King shocks-pretty much top shelf in shocks’
and you could always look at the rancho 9000 adjustable shocks.
i know you say you don’t like to adjust, but you can get the in cab controller- just turn the dial-no fuss, no muss…

i have also never had a vibration from a shock. had ’em from bad tires, u-joints, bushings, tranny’s, crooked frames, busted leafs, but never from a shock….