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Dirk Keeler

By myself I can last up to 5 days, only needing water and dump the tanks. One could go longer by not showering every day and conserving more water. The other thing I forgot to mention is the heating system of the Cirrus. It uses the Alde system to circulate hot water to four radiators; two on each side, in the cabover and midsection, to heat the camper. It works very well to keep the entire camper at the same temperature. And it’s very quiet. There is no fan running and you can’t hear the water pump. It draws very little battery power and uses very little propane. With the two tanks that came with the unit, I bet you could last weeks in the dead of winter. I leave the bathroom door open to keep it warmer. I think it has a small radiator but I don’t know if that is just for the hot water or to keep the room warm.
The beach picture is Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The other is at the old Navajo Bridge crossing the Colorado River south of Page, AZ. The picture below is near the AZ/NM border in the boot heel (far southwest) of New Mexico.