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Dirk Keeler

I have the same truck as you, mine is a 2017. I have the Cirrus 820 that I like very much. The wet weight of mine is just under 3000lbs with two propane tanks, two batteries, solar panel, roof rack, rear and side awnings, and well, all the options. The only thing I did to my suspension is added the upper and lower Tork-Lift Intl spring helpers. The upper is just a rubber block that engages the upper factory overload sooner (as soon as you put the camper on.) The lower is a lever system that you can engage and disengage as needed.
I take my truck and camper boondocking all the time. Other than a little rocking going through ditches at an angle there is no issue. I can drive much faster down any dirt road than either of my sons pulling their trailers.
The Cirrus is very well made. The building materials are modern and first rate. I added some LED lights to the bottom of the microwave for the stove and in the upper cabinet and the wardrobe, both with door switches. They are both tied into the wall switch that operates the light over the sink.
One of the neatest features is the big window over the queen bed. You can lay there and look at the stars. If the weather is right you can open the window and it is fabulous. Sliding bug screen if needed and then accordion shades so you can sleep in the morning. Both are on all windows.
One thing I don’t like is the seating for the table. The dinnete is not raised so you can only sit two adults because the indent for the truck bed is right there. But by having the floor lower it makes for slightly lower overall height. The bathroom is tight, but shower and toilet work. And I’m a big guy.
With the electric remote jacks, it is easy to unload it if you are staying a few days.

I know nothing about the Lance.