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Chet Hedden

Thanks, Jefe4x4.
I drove the Maze Overlook trail on a 6 day camping trip in 1997 in a Cherokee with factory off-road options. We were overloaded, but it was a lot of fun, as I had not done significant off-roading before. The trails in the Maze are probably essentially the same now as then.

I have been interested in Dave’s (Grand Whazoo) rig, because he takes it places few seem to, but they are places I’d like to go with a hard side camper. Never been able to figure out how to reach him. A friend who is a fleet manager for the US Forest Service told me Chevy or GMC trucks are not purchased by the Forest Service for off-road driving because of some issue with the way the frame is built that affects clearance. I know that Dave high centered on a rock and damaged an axle on one of his trips.

Thanks for the information and advice. I think I need something more solid than a TC for that sort of travel — maybe a Provan Tiger with a properly equipped 350 instad of a separate camper? I’m concerned about flexing and bouncing around damaging a camper more than I’m concerned about traction and tipping over.