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Update from post #24033. I got a set of King 2.5 shocks for my camper from Filthy Motorsports. Once process started it was about a month before they arrived. Installation was a little tricky because they are nearly impossible to compress by hand. I did not however depressurize for installation as recommended by King instructions. I didn’t want the hassel of getting/finding a shop to recharged.
I have yet to make a road trip but have done a couple test rides. I am pleasantly surprised to find no major change in comfort. It wasn’t uncomfortable before, just seemed a little of control. Before, OEM size shocks faded badly on long bumpy back roads’ and allowed the body to wallow around to much. Now body stays more neutral. I drove over a set of six speed bumps designed wide with flat tops. Before the front compressed to the stops but not now. Before the rear bounced several times when the axle dropped off the rise, now it settles quickly to neutral. The littles bumps seem less noticeable not as sharp. The top sway a little more subdued but still there. I do have a BigWig rear sway bar and that really made an improvement.
After my next road trip, I’ll post again. So far very pleased with how much better the feel than the Bilstein remotes on front and Rancho 9000 on rear.

2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4