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have never personally used an exhaust jack, but i have watched my buddy struggle with his countless times..
despite what the ads may say, they are NOT fast, and not really that strong. it won’t lift my buddies GMC, let alone with his camper on there. it will lift his Toyota a couple inches after 20 mins or so of revving the motor. and they will do damage if your not extremely careful. Exhaust pipes, anything plastic (skids, fuel tanks) are highly susceptible to damage. even under a strong part, an axle, they have a tendency to “wrap” around it and snag other things…(e brake cables…etc) most of what they contact under there was never designed or intended to support the entire weight of the vehicle.
and hi lifts are the ultimate “cool looking” acces to have to look like a hard core 4by’er, strapped all loud and proud usually on roof racks or bumpers. they are also notorious for slippin’ (lever latch) and trippin'(falling over sideways…) i have one, but it sits in the garage, was useful for spreading the frame on my crewy, but other than that i leave it at home. won’t sell it, as it is the “ultimate cool” looking thing to have for a 4×4…lol
i agree with jefe, a good hyd bottle jack will work fine and takes up very little space.
as our truck and camper and trailer comes in around 16k, i went overkill and got a 20 ton for about 15 clams more than a 12 tonner, nothing wrong with having excess! i have never used it to change a flat on our TC (never had a flat) but i have used it a few times to lift our 5 ton dump truck