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Joseph Reeves

We picked up our Capri Retreat in Bozeman, MT a couple of weeks ago and took our time returning to the Olympic Peninsula. Capri did a good job with the build, and we are pleased with the camper. It has a lot more room than we expected. We learned a lot from our 3 year road trip in our Sportsmobile Sprinter, most importantly that we don’t need all of the frills and, by some standards even the necessities such as a stationary table or a built in stove-top. Instead, we use a small folding table that sits on the side bench and our Snow Peak one burner Baja Stove, both of which can be used in and out of the camper. The ARB fridge was a great addition as it hardly ever came on, and when it did drew just .87 amps per hour. Our 100 amp hour battery hardly felt the draw.

The camper weighs about 1300lbs, with the two of us and some gear we were just about at the Gross weight of 7,000lbs. The Timbrens and sway bar did a great job helping the truck handle the weight. The Allison Trans did an even better job of getting us over the Continental Divide, Lolo Pass, Washington Pass and along a few steep back roads. MPG out was about 18 and back, with the camper about 14.5.