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Steve Hericks

Addendum: 1) Quite by accident, I purchased by 2015 leaf battery pack on CL for $300 with penetrating body damage to the steel outer container. This was a miracle I don’t expect to repeat. I expected to find damage to the batteries but only 2 packs and minor ‘injuries’. 2) The battery pack weighs (35 packs x 8.3lbs + 98 lbs for the frame + wiring and BMS) just under 400 lbs. 3) I have the system completed enough to test. It powers a (change) Samlex EVO-4024 (4kw @ 24v) inverter charger (110A charge at 28V). Our weather in SoCal is currently hovering around the 100 degree or more mark and the Dometic Penguin AC runs about 50% duty cycle. This alone can operate for over 16 hours on a charge.