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Joseph Reeves


The camper is being built now and should be ready for pick-up in Bozeman, MT by the end of the month. I think Capri moved it forward a bit to ensure the dealer in MT would be able to pick it up in Texas on the next run.

On your point regarding pop-ups. We had originally planned on buying a 4 Wheel Camper, but as I got deeper into the research I became concerned about using it in the wet part of the Pacific North West. A couple of people who live around here, and who also go to and from Southeast Alaska, NWT and the Yukon have had issues with both condensation and mold. We visited the Alaskan Camper shop but they are too heavy for the 1/2 ton truck and my wife was concerned about opening them to the mosquitoes on our trips to the Yukon and Southeast.

We just finished a 3-year road trip in a Sportsmobile Sprinter. During that time we have come to understand that we don’t need a shower, a propane stove or a 3-way fridge — the Sprinter didn’t have any propane. So our Retreat is going to be as light as possible. Capri is being very accommodating by installing an ARB 12v 50 qt fridge we purchased. While we will have a propane heater — the truck isn’t a diesel, so we couldn’t go with the diesel heater we had in the Sprinter — there is no stove.

I’ll post some pictures whe I get them on my flickr account which is https://www.flickr.com/photos/umnak/