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I have a 2012 FORD F350 Supercab 4×4 that I installed Big Wig Anti Sway Bars both front and rear, the Stock FORD rear sway bar was a joke. Having had Firestone air bags under my last two FORD trucks it was tough for me to switch to the Timbren Suspension System…..but I feel it was a marvelous choice and a welcome change from always futzing with air pressure in the bags. The Timbrens handle the load of my Eagle Cap 950 beautifully, however, I did add Lower StableLoads as I really like the way they make the FORD Overload Springs go into play rather than just sit there not really carrying their weight. I feel like I will likely never go back to Air Bags again. The Timbren System is so very trouble free!!!
Just my two bits worth…Truck Camper-aholic for over 25 years.

Stanley Idaho