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I was really on another page with this thread. I interpreted “all electric” to mean a camper without a genny or burning hydrocarbons. To me that meant lots of batteries, solar, maybe wind power, and then off the alternator while driving. Obviously that can be pretty limiting.

Once you throw gasoline, diesel, etc. into the mix I have never defined it as all electric, but I am thinking that is just me and maybe not most other folks. We just spent a few days up in a National Forest in Virginia this past weekend until yesterday and we totally shaded which meant we were about 15 degrees below what it was at our house in Tennessee. We have a lot of places like that where we camp so even though I am a great respecter of solar, it often just is not very useful. So we used our genny when necessary to recharge, but not using our AC, that is seldom necessary or for long. 🙂

Steve and Andra
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