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James Young

Firestone now do a ‘Ride Rite Red Label’ airbag. Basically, their existing excellent Ride Rite beefed up with better materials that are 50% stronger but the same size. According to Firestone the Red Label are no different in ride quality at all, just using better materials.

The existing Ride Rite are rated up to 100psi. The Red Label boost that to 150psi. A difference you may not actually use but the 50% durability increase is across the board both in the rubber used and the rest of the structure/bracket (according to the techs as Firestone I spoke to, anyway)

With airbags being a somewhat weak link due to the rubber durability I went with the Red Label for an extra $100.

As someone mentioned, you may get a ‘boaty’ feel with too much reliance on the airbags. We had the leafs rebuilt by Deaver in Santa Ana to match the camper. I think that was $400 and a great investment but would not ride that well if we took the camper off (which we do not).

The BigWig sway bar works great. Just be aware of any lift you have. once you hit 2″-2.5″ like me you’ll be in between the standard and extended link end lengths (as we are) I have tried cutting the extended ends down but have not installed yet. Your truck may work out differently.

2007 Dodge 3500
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