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Steve Hericks

I am on my way to modifying my Lance 1130 to all electric. POWER SYSTEM: I am a couple days from building the battery which will be a tray to fit under the camper. It essentially is a riser platform, the footprint of the camper with a little extra ‘spread’ just inside the back of the bed. The tray will hold 36-64wh LiMgO2 battery packs from Nissan Leaf. The tray is exactly 2″ high. The area at the rear sides of the camper will be will have a ‘saddlebag’ on each side (attached to the riser) with 6 more battery packs on each side (48 packs total). This constitutes the whole Leaf battery. The batteries weigh 400lbs and the riser about 120. Loosing the Gp 31 AGM will gain back 110lbs. The battery will be configured in 4S12P, operate from 24V-32V and have 24kwh total capacity with just under 20kwh usable. The Electrodacus SB120 ‘Solar BMS’ which manages the battery and power in/out will have one input dedicated to solar on the roof that I expect to be around 600-800W. The other will be input from the 12V/250A vehicle alternator through DC-DC converters to bring it to 36V@75A (~2.7kw) to charge when we are moving. The DC battery will feed a Samlex 24V/120V/3000w inverter. I will remove the propane range/oven and repair the counter. I plan to use 2 portable induction units (not built in) so I can cook inside or out. I’m modifying the water heater with a 1250w/120V heating element controlled by an industrial PID control. The AC has heat strips but most space heating will be provided by a diesel-powered air heater (5kw) from the F350 diesel tank. Taking out the 2-7gal propane, furnace, and range should get me back ~200 lbs (dry). No specific plans yet on replacing the fridge freezer with a compressor unit but that is on the horizon.