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Oh yeah, one more tip. Fill your tank and take your truck across a set of CAT scales at a local truck stop with and without the camper (around $13 per weigh-in). Then compare those weights to the capacity sticker on your driver’s door jam.

There is a CAT Scales phone app so you can put in the location code posted on the scale. The app will charge a credit card and email you a certification of the weight.

As a comparison, my short bed single rear wheel F350 6.7L diesel weighs 8600# with me and a full tank. Add the camper with one battery, two 20# propane tanks and 33 gallons of fresh water and the rig weighs in at 11,460#. So the camper weighs around 3000# by the time I add some supplies and baggage.

Finally, check the load range of your tires to ensure you don’t overload them.

2016 Ford F350 SRW
2004 Lance 845