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I bought my first camper in March. Most reviewers suggest to find the camper you desire then pick the best truck for the camper. However, as with most things, I proceeded along the opposite path. As much as I enjoyed my 2005 Ran 1500, I knew I needed a more substantial truck. I lucked across a very nice 2016 short bed, single rear wheel F350. Unfortunately, there are few dealers in the Atlanta area so I set out in search of a used camper. After I missed out on a couple of good local ussd deals that required a long bed truck, I found a gently used 2004 Lance 845 in North Carolina. Everything works and the light weight leaves enough capacity for the 6.7L diesel to tow my boats.

My point is, look at all you want to do with your rig then decide on the best combo. Don’t get more camper than your truck can safely handle. A good camper is a substantial investmemt and the cost of new trucks is un-nerving so proceed with a open mind.

2016 Ford F350 SRW
2004 Lance 845