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Whenever I consider a purchase I try to ask myself whether the degree of happiness I will experience is proportion to the cost of whatever I am considering and in the case of Lithium batteries, they are not even on the radar screen. Using solar and reasonable consumption is still a winner in my book!

I well concur! Since installing solar (440w), and after swapping out a power sucking 30kbtu single speed furnace with a uber thrifty 15/22kbtu two speed atwood, haven’t had even a hint of a battery capacity problem since…In fact (incentivized mostly by an attractive $85 price) I ended up switching to two Costco 6v GC’s and (now 3+ years in) to my astonishment they have preformed 100% flawlessly, even fully powering the 11.5kbtu air cond (via ProSine 2.0) during brief roadside lunch stops (up to 1.5 hrs, to 50-60% SOC)… Needless to say, I’ve been most impressed with these old school FWC GC’s…No going back!!