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Phil, you bring up a good point that not all truck campers are built the same.
It’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer. Northwood told me years ago their Arctic Fox freshwater tanks are supported within the frame to allow for the TC to be lifted with a full load of water. They also said the Happijacs were strong enough to allow for the TC to be supported while camping without the need for underneath support.
Lance does have a video on their website showing two families using their rigs off the vehicles with only jac support.

Thats a fair point Sir, I truly cannot say this applies to other manufacturers, and when I first asked the Eagle Cap factory manager about this method of support issue, he felt that the water weight issue (60 gal fresh, 32 gray, 28 black = 500 lbs FW) was nothing to be ‘too concerned’ about…

For unladen tank servicing purposes only (post underside 2” thick vacuum-bonded board removal), the tanks are held in place from interior floor with only plumbers tape, but when laden and in use, they actually rest atop wooden sleepers (to allow warm air circulation) upon the 2” vacuum-bonded underside – thus, there are no metal support members to provide 500 lbs of ‘water weight’ support…The 2” bottom vacuum bonded board (camper’s underside) appears to be very stiff, and uber robust (in fact, I was challenged by the factory to stand and even jump on one without any disappointment!), but is held in place only by a group of parameter screws (3” long drywall-type) into the aluminum frame surround…

So it’s been my practice to empty the tanks prior to unloading the camper from truck…