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My setup is two systems operating in parallel with 2-6v GC’s as follows:

300w MPPT multi-stage controller

140w PWM single-stage controller (add-on supplemental system)

I first tried a multi-stage controller on the 140w system, but found it would often shut down or be in conflict with the MPPT controller, rendering the system inoperable…

When I swapped out this supplemental multi-stage controller with a simple ASC brand ‘ON-OFF’ type PWM controller, system performance was greatly improved, plus the supplemental 140w adds a bit of appreciated overall redundancy…From my experience, two ‘multi-stage’ controllers in parallel is a poor Duo…

The simple ASC ‘OFF-ON’ controller (from Mrsolar.com) terminates charging at 14.3v, and resumes again at 13.5v, which compliments the larger MPPT System very well and has proved in this configuration to be the optimum arrangement…