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Dirk, You have the exact same problem and convinced me it is a stupid Ford design issue! I’m going to try the dealer one more time since they already got the relay, sockets and wiring harness.

I didn’t see the missing connectors for the fuse and relay, but the dealer did and ordered the parts. Then they decided to check with Ford one more time before installing and Ford convinced them the problem was with the camper even though we know it isn’t. I’m sure Ford had no idea of all the complexities associated with two different options: camper package and towing package. Also, I’m not sure the camper package would help since I charge through the 7-pin connecter. And if my memory is right, the camper option has a separate connecter for the camper.

When we laid out all the features we wanted in the truck to the dealer they ensured us there would be no problem with a truck camper charging through the pig tail, especially with the heavy duty alternator our track has. I didn’t think the camper package option would have been required along with the tow package! Since it took them several weeks to find a truck with the options we wanted, adding the camper package option would have made the search even harder. Some how we need to get this out to the truck camper community for awareness and maybe to Ford so they fix a stupid design flaw.