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By this time you may have already made your selection, but I’ve had good performance with the Rancho 9000 on my 2007 Dodge 3500 dually with Firestone air bags. I’ve used my truck hauling heavy truck campers and towing a heavy 5th wheel.

Folks who use the Bilstiens seem to love them.

I never had a problem with sway or porpoising until I got my current 2017 Arctic Fox 1150 truck camper. Lower StableLoads stopped all sway and porpoising.

With the heavy rear end on these trucks I have never needed to use my airbags except to balance from side to side. I installed them years ago when I bought my first truck camper, an Arctic Fox 990 which is a heavy camper but nothing like your Host. The dealer had the air bags up to like 60psi and I pulled away from their lot feeling like I was trying to control a giant bouncing beach ball. It scared the willies out of me. For my truck, I have found it handles best with the air bags at 30psi or less. As the psi goes up the handling gets sloppy with increased sway and bounce.

Hope this helps.