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The 2003 Guanella LX was garage kept since new and in amazing condition. It has the original (for the year) rubber roof that has been regularly maintained and has a factory installed solar.

My use will be a little different than the original owners so I’m looking at doing some upgrades. I spoke with Bill at Hallmark and he indicated that everything I want to do can be done at the factory. So I’m thinking of heading there in September to have this work done, but before doing so I thought I would solicit feedback from other Hallmark owners of similar vintage (pre 2008) units.

This is a list of items I am thinking about, and comments or feedback is appreciated.

Done at Hallmark Factory
– add rear ladder
– add roof rack (Bill said this would be done with used racks canibalized from rubber roofs that are being replaced at the factory)
– add shovel/axe kit
– add maxtrax (sand ladders)
– add rear awning

The ladder and roof rack is done in hopes of adding a Thule or Yakima (or other brand) of roof cargo box. Bill is not sure the box will be possible, might need to settle for a basket

Items I will do:
– recertify horizontal propane tank
– upgrade all lighting to LED
– replace original CD player/ stereo with something Bluetooth enabled
– replace dual batteries

I’m sure there will be other things that come up but just looking for feedback/insight into any of the above items (and of course anything else I should be doing).



2003 Hallmark Guenalla LX
2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD