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Dirk Keeler

Yup, I know exactly what the problem is. Ford. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely LOVE my 2017 F350. But if you didn’t order the camper package or some other obscure thing, then the circuitry to charge the camper/trailer batteries is not there and you cannot add it the way it should be done. I ordered my truck. I got the fancy tow package, the gooseneck/5er prep package, the trailer camera/TPMS and everything else I could think of. But my truck doesn’t have the relay and fuse needed to power the battery through the trailer plug. And the sockets aren’t even wired or pinned to add it.
So you will have to come up with your own fuse and circuit and wire it into the plug on the bumper and/or in the bed. Really ticked me off.
I’m running a #4 cable from one of the front batteries to my camper and another one for a ground to the frame. I put a fuse on the battery and then a 75amp solenoid so I can cut it off while stopped. In fact, I’m controlling the solenoid with one of my up-fitter switches which goes off when I shut the power off to the truck. That way I don’t forget and let the camper (Cirrus 820) run my starting batteries dead.