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David Casterson

I removed the flush toilet that came with my Cirrus 800 when I got it (new) 2.5 years ago and installed a Nature’s Head compostable toilet. We have been using it ever since, which means about 300 days, including a 7 week trip to Alaska, and a couple of 10 trips to Arizona and Utah. The composting poop barely has an odor as the mini-fan draws the smell out via the vent pipe that the installation requires. In the Natures’s Head, the urine is separated (user aimed) and collected in a plastic gallon container. This is the part that smells if not dumped every couple of days. My wife complains about the problems associated with aiming and we both agree that the trade off between having to dump the urine 3-4 times a week (but the composted poop only once a month) versus dumping a cassette toilet once a week is not worth it. We will be going with a cassette toilet next time. P.S. We bought a used Northstar 850 pop up camper with a cassette toilet last year, so I feel we have a good basis for comparison.
‘Hope this helps