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You know, on every camper manufacturer’s website there is always a disclaimer stating being overweight is the owner’s fault. I would disagree. Manufacturers are bending backwards to mislead buyers so in my opinion the onus rests with them. And some of the forums are not taking the time to even read the manufacturers put out or overlook critical weight factors like considering people when making statements about how much a truck can carry, so there is some blame there too.

I think we all know how many TC owners are running over their ratings. Some don’t care, but others do and they are the ones who are deceived.

So you’re right, in the U.S. there is nothing you can do to raise your trucks payload once it carries a factory seal, which in essence means there is nothing you can do to decrease your civil liability, if running overweight and involved in an accident.

And while tires may be the limiting factor on some trucks, the tires on my F350 are rated at 3,540 pounds each so there is no way to overload them without being over on everything in truck.

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