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Dirk Keeler

I agree! I ended up buying a Cirrus 820. It had very few options that added up to less than 200lbs. I was in the camper at the dealership so I could read the weight sheet. But even on that, I had to add up the options listed to get the total wet weight. It came out to be 2997 lbs.
Other campers I looked at had a dry weight and then “mandatory options” so the dry weight wouldn’t be so high. Downright deceitful!
As for the truck, the tires are really what determine the GVWR. If you notice the sticker on the door frame has tire info along with the weights. When I wear out the original tires I’m going to go to a higher capacity tire. Problem is, in the US that doesn’t change the legal weight capacity of the truck. In Canada it does, or so I’m told. but I’m good on my F350.