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Thanks for the detailed reply very interesting indeed. We now have our truck and camper, and given our six month limit (visa) in the US are going to have to learn on the road.

People Colorado truck and RV dealerships have been very helpful and easy to work with. Its taken us two weeks to get on the road, which I think is pretty good. Your advice on casting net wide would have surely got us a better deal but hopefully we have not sacrificed too much to speed things up a bit … only time will tell !

Very few used slide in pop-ups for sale that we liked but very happy with the Northstar we got. We have started with 1600 W solar and expect we may be buying an additional portable. Very happy to be on a short wheel base and to have portapoti & north south bed. Seems to be enough space in the extended cab for a number of boxes of climbing and outdoors kit.

By far the hardest part of the experience has been insuring a vehicle as a foreigner. Even though we previously lived in the USA , have SSN etc the only way we were able to insure was thru a great company called https://www.adventure-agent.com.

Anyway thanks everyone for your advice …. Alaska here we come !