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Drove by a friends farm in WV, and he had 2 of these units. Great for tools around the outskirts of his farm, but did not have clean enough AC to run through my Xantrex charger. Xantrex never did qualify the AC input, so no joy with either unit. Both were the H Freight T’gator models. One 11 years old and the other was 8.

Since I don’t carry an o’scope in my rig, can not conclusively say the sine wave was crap, but a failure is a failure.

The sound actually wasn’t as loud as I thought, and we could carry on a conversation without issue from about 10 ft. away.

I did find a 4 cycle Sportsman 1000 gen/inverter that looks promising and youtube testing shows that it locks on to 60HZ, with no variation. Size is very similar to the 2 cycle models I tested, too. Priced at around $160 makes it worth looking at.

I’ll update this forum, if I do get a 4 cycle unit, but for now I’d say the 2 cycle issue is dead.

2012 F350, 6.7L SRW
2015 Alaskan 8.5 Cabover