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Just glancing at the catalog, the difference between most 2 and 3-way refrigerators is so slight they note the same shipping weight in the specs. There are a few more components, but they weigh very little.

The demand for 3-way refrigerators is very small and perhaps more than is worth messing with by the manufacturer. In my opinion, the power draw of the DC element is so high, having that option brings very little to the party for most folks. The near 20 amp draw is hard to make back up while moving about without additional modes or options. I would at least want two batteries riding shotgun if I intended to deploy that option.

DC was never intended to be anything more than a “maintainer” mode to be used after the fridge was already cooled down using propane or AC with the door left closed. With ample solar on the roof to handle other features, a DC compressor model fridge may be the setup of choice.

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